Dreaming of a horse

dreaming of a horse
The horse symbolizes power and fullness of the body without sexual connotation, physical vigor and freedom.

For Sigmund Freud the horse is a female symbol, dreaming of a horse can represent an ideal woman, or a sexual partner. For him a man who dreams of a horse symbolizes the search for a perfect woman.

The horse dream, symbolizes power, vigor and virility, it is also a strong representation of sexual performance. In analyzing the horse’s dream, you cannot lose sight of the animal’s sex, because for a man, the stallion means a rival and for a passionate woman, husband or lover. Dreaming of a horse, in general, is a good omen. Seeing several, announces that your friends will ask for your help.

The horse represents the physical body, this animal body which we inhabit, which the mind must not seek to dominate, but rather to understand, in order to be able to become one with it. The horse belongs to the earth. His body is in total agreement with all the elements. It draws its power and energy from it. The horse is the symbol of the fullness of the physical senses, the total acceptance of its body. There is however no sexual connotation in the image of the horse.

The look we have on our body is almost always an outside look. This is why we are most often a spectator in front of evolving horses. The image of the rider is more rare, but being overlapped with grace and elegance, at the pace as in the most frantic gallop, to be one with the animal, is the sign of a perfect marriage of body and mind, strength and wisdom. This is the mythological image of the centaur.

If a horse upsets us, shies away, the dream signals that we are too much in the mind, too policed; we have broken with our original nature. We are no longer in tune with our body and its functions; we judge them as negligible quantity.

A person who runs away on a horse expresses the desire to return to his true nature, physical freedom. She doesn’t want to be domesticated.

The horse still symbolizes the impulses, the vital impulses. This is our vehicle, that of our land journeys.

Meaning of the horse dream

The horse is a good partner for humans and is a symbol of passion, vitality or sexual energy. In addition, the horse carries human beings, which can represent fate itself. In particular, when women dream of a horse, it implies that they are looking for a physically and mentally strong man and that their sexual desire increases.

People who love horse racing often dream of a horse. There are a variety of horses such as wild and farm thoroughbreds. It is a dream with many meanings, but depending on the situation of the horse in the dream, it can also make sense to attract attention. But in general, this can be considered a good dream.

The dream of a horse can be the image of a helper or a colleague who supports you. Or it can also appear as a future lover or partner.

Interpretation of dreaming of a white horse

The sparkling white horse dream is a good positive that means your wishes will be granted. To see a white horse is therefore a big dream which foresees the coming of good fortune. The luck at work, the luck in love are an increasing tendency, then you can work positively with a positive thought. However, the dream of riding heaven on a white horse can involve the death of a person.